Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Chilly New Year

So as we come into 2015, we have been making steps closer to our adventure in time and preparation!

Her first outting of the year, yesterday, to give her a run after her Christmas sleep for 2 weeks. Also her first time outside since she had her new spotlights fitted, and well we are not regretting the upgrade. She certainly looks like she getting ready for her epic voyage, but why did we decide to fit them?

Even though our bus' 50 year old headlights have been updated to halogen bulbs previously and then updated again to the latest Xenon bulbs by us. Driving at night on main roads in the UK is fine, but the moment you step onto the country lanes its a whole other story! Add the chance or driving at night in foreign lands in the middle of nowhere we certainly want to make sure we can see everything in front of us and where the edge of theroad is!

Lighting up like a Christmas tree is preferable, and hopefully understandable, on the bright side all fitted with out a hole drilled in the bus!

Then this morning (4th Jan) the reliability of our bus was proven once again!

The early morning started white and frozen, so much so the doors to her shed were well and truly frozen shut. The pad lock was frozen, and once freed up using a key heated up with a lighter, I soon discovered the huge doors were frozen to the ground.

Eventually after some brute force we made our way in and low and behold she once again started on the first turn over despite the zero degree weather! Now ready for a day of maintainance and upgrades, a lot of work needed to be done with our first event to attend in March, we need to get a move on!