Sunday, 7 June 2015

Planned and unplanned work!

It's been some time since our last post, but we have been busy working hard, honest!

Our bus has come a long way since the new year, work including:
  • Rebuilt drivers emergency window
  • Suspension overhauled
  • Coolant system overhauled and upgraded with safeguards
  • Brake warning system overhauled
  • Alternator upgrade
  • Upgraded headlights to halogen bulbs
  • Auxiliary lighting and independent hazard lights added
  • Complete rewire
  • Added hard wired jumpleads (to help other of course) 
  • Air system overhaul and compressor upgrade to handle inflating tires
  • Rearview and reversing cameras
  • Rear number plate panel replaced and LED lights fitted
  • Out-fitting of the interior started with the interior layout taped to the floor
  • Currently in the process of replacing rubber seals around the bus
  • Complete oil changes on all parts of the bus totaling over 70 Litres of 3 different Oils, and 11 Litres Hydraulic Fluid.
  • Started to sand bodywork ready for paint
  • 4meter Awning fitted to nearside
But the bus did throw up a few unexpected issues like the exhaust pipe falling of just as we arrived back home with it after a trip out.

And some planned work that was originally not planned, like rearranging layout of the window frames so the windows opened in places better suited to our interior layout.

This for team members Matt and James this was a huge undertaking and not least because they moved 6 windows around and related body trim in just 6 hours making sure everything was properly sealed from the weather.

But all this hard work has shown its fruit with the kind words the public have said when we attend events like halls green Traport Picnic on 6th June!

We look forward to attending more events in the coming weeks and meeting our lovely followers, but it does always feel great to get home with the bus after a long day out.

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